Why is there such strict action (as detailed above) for failing to honor an offer of internship for which I earlier applied?

Internship Bank is not a paid job advertisement site. When you are seeking jobs via a paid job portal site, it is perfectly fine for you to shop for the best internship opportunities and keep rejecting one to get another.

But Internship Bank is NOT a paid job portal site. It is a highly curated site for internship opportunities that have been specially sourced by our founder Ms. Debolina Saha Narayanan using her own goodwill, finance and months of effort! This is a portal where liked minded-people have come together only with the intention to help. None of the volunteers or people who have come forward to provide internship opportunities are getting paid adequately for their time or effort.

Our volunteers and internship offerors are all balancing their zest to make a difference via Internship Bank, with a full-time job and other additional responsibilities, therefore your rejection of an offer not only discourages us from carrying on the good work we have ventured out to do but spoils the good-will that our Founder shares with such organizations and prevents her from approaching these organization again for an internship opportunity for future students.

As we are clearly stating our conditions for your use of Internship Bank upfront, please only use Internship Bank, if you are fine complying with our conditions and our “only” request in exchange for all our hard-work is for you to not abuse this platform!

Besides, when students from lesser known colleges back-out, it reinforces the idea that students from such colleges are unreliable and this is the very image we are trying to do away! We are trying to let organizations know that there are very good students even in colleges outside the top NLUs, students who are not just good on curriculum vitaes but students who know the value of honoring their word! Every success story at Internship Bank helps spread the good word and makes it easier for students outside the top NLUs to make it to a good internship stint and thereby a good job at a later stage.

In fact, it is in the interest of the students themselves that they help build this platform as a reliable one!

Lastly, as a new platform we cannot afford to lose the support of people who have come forward to help. Also, Internship Bank is for those who really do not have options. Therefore those that have options and are constantly seeking better opportunities should use other platforms.