Testimonials from Professionals

The Internship Bank is already making a difference…

“A platform where women can have the opportunity to empower younger women through mentorship is a very welcome initiative. As someone who has had the privilege of working with many young talented and passionate interns who have gone on to have successful careers, I can say that the experience has been mutually beneficial and quite fulfilling.”

— Holly Carlos Allan, ex-Executive Director at HELP, Hong Kong

“I commend the effort that the founder has made to create an opportunity for these talented women. We need more diverse talent in the workplace.”

— Yvette Rodriguez, Head of Corporate Finance, Legal, Deutsche Bank in Asia Pacific

“The concept of internships is not new. But what is novel about this concept is that it is connecting women at different stages of their careers to each other. Starting off in any profession is difficult however the process can be so much easier and stress free when you have a mentor, someone who can guide you and support you. I am very excited about this new concept of “internship bank” and wholeheartedly support it. I wish it all the success it deserves. ”

— Sandra Reddy, Ex-General Counsel, Ambac Assurance UK Limited, United Kingdom

“Someone had famously said, there is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women! I wholeheartedly believe in that. To my mind, this is a fantastic platform to share our collective wisdom, learn from each other’s mistakes and grow as a community of successful women!”

— Isha Sharma, Vice President and Senior Counsel, Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong

“As women, working in a professional environment which continues to be male-dominated, we are constantly trying to break the glass ceiling, constantly trying to prove ourselves. In such a scenario, Debolina’s initiative comes as a whiff of fresh air,connecting the beginners with successful women professionals from the industry who can mentor the former and guide them for bright careers ahead.”

— Shatarupa Mishra, Indian Revenue Service, IRS IT Assistant Commissioner Income Tax, New Delhi

“Inspiring and much needed initiative.”

— Prabha Sasidharan, Ex-Senior Associate, Appleby Hong Kong