Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who can provide internships?

We welcome internships from all employers! Whether you’re from a private firm, a public organization, a university or are an individual practitioner, you can offer internships on our platform.

Can I offer an internship, if I do not have a female staff in my organization?

While we would prefer internship Bank’s female candidates to be mentored by other senior female professionals at your organization, we appreciate that your organization may not have the requisite number of senior women professionals in the relevant department where you seek an intern. In such situations, a female personnel of Internship Bank will externally mentor the female intern during her internship period and there is no obligation on your part to assign a female mentor to the intern.

When to make the internship offer advertisement?

We would strongly encourage you to advertise your internship requirements on Internship Bank’s website as soon as your needs become apparent and as early as possible from the start date on which you would like the intern to join your organization.

How soon should we let you know our decision?

After we handed the student’s profile to you, please kindly let us know the result latest by 2 weeks, so that interns are assured of on internship position early on and will thereby be discouraged to look elsewhere for other opportunities.

Do we have to provide a minimum number of internships a year?

There’s no minimum number of internships that you must provide and you are free to provide a one-off internship offer. However, we very much welcome long-term collaborations in which case, Internship Bank would extend some facilities to your organization. For details on long-term collaborations, please reach out to

Since the platform narrows down the selection criteria, does it tend to compromise the quality of student selected?

No. Internship Bank does not compromise on the quality of students. The platform only facilitates channeling of profiles to the right authorities (like yourself), of highly meritorious female students who have excellent academic and extra-curricular accomplishments but lack the brand name of a good university or college, or come from a humble background and lack established references by virtue of being a first generation professional.

How does the selection process work?

The student first sends her profile and a personnel at Internship Bank preliminary screens through the profile to make sure that your basic intern requirements are satisfied. We then arrange an interview with the internship seeking applicant and if she passes the interview we send across her profile to you. You may then choose to have a further interview with her to decide whether she’s a good fit for the position! There is no obligation on your part to extend an internship opportunity to an applicant whose profile does not meet your organization’s stringent standards.

How long does it take to get the intern?

This would depend on how particular your requirements are and whether the start date of the internship period coincides with ongoing university classes!.

From experience we have noticed that interns are easily sourced within a short time period including within 6 days, if the internship start date coincides with a semester break and the intern qualification requirements are not too detailed or specific.

However, generally, please expect the selection process to take around one month. Also we do not guarantee interns for every job position.

How to provide internships?

To provide internships, please simply visit and complete the internship offer form! For any special enquiries before you complete an internship offer, please reach out to Debolina Saha at

Is there any fee for the process?

No, the platform is completely free to use! We won’t charge you any fees!

However, should you decide to extend a paid internship offer to any of the candidates then you would need to pay the candidate in accordance with your initial commitment as per the complete internship offer form.

How else can I contact you apart from email?

Apart from e-mail, find us on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You can reach out to us there by simply sending us a message!

Who can apply?

Only female students can avail of the platform provided by Internship Bank. As to why has the platform been limited to female students- please refer to Internship Bank’s “Our Vision” page at

For specific technical requirement details please refer to the relevant internship offer requirements.

What kind of internship offers do you have and is Internship Bank only for law students?

We try to source all kinds of internship opportunities (and not just in the subject area of law).

While currently on Internship Bank’s website you might find more internship opportunities for law students, our target audience is definitely not just law students! So keep a close watch!

Since the platform narrows down the selection criteria, does it tend to compromise the quality of students being selected?

NO. Internship Bank does not compromise on the quality of students. The platform only facilitates channeling of profiles to the right authorities, of highly meritorious female students who have excellent academic and extra-curricular accomplishments but lack the brand name of o good university or college, or come from a humble background and lack established references by virtue of being a first-generation professional.

Therefore, you should only consider utilizing this platform if you have very strong credentials and accomplishments.

When should I apply?

We encourage prospective interns to apply at least three months ahead of the advertised start date of the internship opportunity or as soon as the internship position is advertised on Internship Bank’s social media platforms!

Are all internship opportunities listed on Internship Bank’s webpage “live” opportunities?

Yes, all opportunities advertised on Internship Bank’s website are live opportunities!

If social media sites of Internship Bank advertise success story of a particular candidate in securing an internship offer from Company A, can I still apply to Company A or is the position now with Company A closed?

You can still apply to Company A, as most internships advertised on the platform have rotational requirement for interns throughout the year! Therefore, you can always apply requesting for an internship opportunity for a later date!

Are female candidates from top schools and universities completely barred from accessing internship opportunities and benefiting from the Internship Bank platform?

Generally yes, as Internship Bank was initiated to mainly cater to female students from lesser-known colleges and who either come from humble backgrounds or are first-generation professionals. However, an exception can be made where in spite of having a brand name of a top college, your house-hold financial situation is not so stable. In such situations, we would compulsorily need proof of your household income before helping you with any internship opportunity.

What is the best way to remain in touch with the latest internship opportunities?

We would strongly recommend that you click the follow button of our social media Sites

This is so because the social media platforms are updated first with the latest internship opportunities before the webpage itself!

How can I better secure an internship?

To increase your chances, provide us with ALL the information required in the application system and check your emails frequently!

Further, please research on members of the Internship Bank and the online platform itself. Nothing puts off a personnel of Internship Bank from proceeding with your application when your questions reflect that you have not either researched on the platform or the members to whom you are addressing your email and application!

Also, please respond to our follow-ups promptly so you won’t miss anything and lastly remain available on your Whatsapp number!

For advice on how to upgrade your profile and competency, follow us on our social media where we regularly update career tips! In fact our latest post on such tips can be accessed at

When should I expect to hear from you after interviews?

We don’t guarantee a specific timeframe for releasing internship results. However, if you do not hear from us within three weeks of submitting your application, please consider your application to have been unsuccessful! We then strongly encourage you to submit your application for other advertised internship opportunities!

If you have any enquiries on your application process, you can always reach out to us at Contact —

How does the screening process work?

Your application will first be processed by a personnel of Internship Bank. If your profile matches the basic internship criteria, an interview will then be arranged between you and us. If we find you a good fit for the internship, we will pass your application to the internship offeror, who may have additional interview rounds with you or conduct additional background checks, before extending an internship offer.

Please note that internships are only guaranteed after upon receipt of a formal internship offer letter from the organization! Also, there is no guarantee that internships will be provided by your chosen organization, simply because your application was referred to the organization by Internship Bank!

Is it assured that I will have a female mentor during my internship opportunity?

While the attempt will be to ensure that you have a female mentor during your internship period, please appreciate that there are many organizations which do not have the requisite number of senior women professionals. In such situations, a female personnel of Internship Bank will externally mentor you during your internship period.

How do I make an application?

Unless otherwise stated in the relevant internship opportunity advertisement, to apply for an_ internship, please visit, “Find An Internship”

Can I apply for any internship?

No, you can only apply for internship opportunities listed on Find an internship — Make your choice and clearly state the name of the organization and location in your internship application form.

Can I apply for more than one internship opportunity?

For each place you would like to apply, you would need to complete a separate application form. However, if you have applied to more than 3 places, we will only proceed with the additional applications, after the internship providers at the 3 places you originally applied confirmed that your application to those places have been unsuccessful.

If you have any enquiries on your application process, you can always reach out to us at

If my application is successful, can I apply for another internship at a later date?

Yes, provided you successfully completed your first internship opportunity and received a good feedback from such internship offeror!

Is the application free of charge?

We will be charging nominal charges (as determined from time to time) to help student secure a second internship and any additional internships thereafter. Only the first internship secured will be provided free of charge. This policy has been introduced to help meet Internship Bank’s monthly operational costs.

Will there be any follow-up after I am offered an internship?

Yes! We may occasionally check in with you during your internship period to make sure that your internship is proceeding smoothly!

Also, we may conduct interviews with you in order to share your internship experience with other fellow female students, as well as directly source your photos from any available public resources and advertise your internship offer on Internship Bank’s webpage and other social media platforms!

By availing of internship opportunities via Internship Bank, you consent to us using your photos for advertisement purpose. Where we request you to provide your photo, you would need to mandatorily provide us with one.

What happens in case I want to opt out of the internship?

If we secure an internship for you and you back out of the internship opportunity later, there are serious consequences! Not only will you be debarred from using the platform of Internship Bank again but we will also contact the vice-chancellor of your university as well as your placement coordinator to ensure that your irresponsible action is notified.

Are there any implied terms, for using Internship Bank?

Yes, by using the platform of Internship Bank, you agree to have read the FAQs and complying with all conditions of usage of the platform specially conditions as stipulated by responses to questions, titled,  “Is the application free of charge?”, “Will there be any follow-up after I am offered an internship?”, and “What happens in case I want to opt out of the internship?”

How else can I contact you apart from email?

Apart from e-mail, find us on social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedln. You can reach out to us there by simply sending us a message!

Why is there such strict action (as detailed above) for failing to honor an offer of internship for which I earlier applied?

Internship Bank is not a paid job advertisement site. When you are seeking jobs via a paid job portal site, it is perfectly fine for you to shop for the best internship opportunities and keep rejecting one to get another.

But Internship Bank is NOT a paid job portal site. It is a highly curated site for internship opportunities that have been specially sourced by our founder Ms. Debolina Saha Narayanan using her own goodwill, finance and months of effort! This is a portal where liked minded-people have come together only with the intention to help. None of the volunteers or people who have come forward to provide internship opportunities are getting paid adequately for their time or effort.

Our volunteers and internship offerors are all balancing their zest to make a difference via Internship Bank, with a full-time job and other additional responsibilities, therefore your rejection of an offer not only discourages us from carrying on the good work we have ventured out to do but spoils the good-will that our Founder shares with such organizations and prevents her from approaching these organization again for an internship opportunity for future students.

As we are clearly stating our conditions for your use of Internship Bank upfront, please only use Internship Bank, if you are fine complying with our conditions and our “only” request in exchange for all our hard-work is for you to not abuse this platform!

Besides, when students from lesser known colleges back-out, it reinforces the idea that students from such colleges are unreliable and this is the very image we are trying to do away! We are trying to let organizations know that there are very good students even in colleges outside the top NLUs, students who are not just good on curriculum vitaes but students who know the value of honoring their word! Every success story at Internship Bank helps spread the good word and makes it easier for students outside the top NLUs to make it to a good internship stint and thereby a good job at a later stage.

In fact, it is in the interest of the students themselves that they help build this platform as a reliable one!

Lastly, as a new platform we cannot afford to lose the support of people who have come forward to help. Also, Internship Bank is for those who really do not have options. Therefore those that have options and are constantly seeking better opportunities should use other platforms.

Why did I not receive a response to an email that I sent to a member of Internship Bank?

You will not hear from us, if your questions have already been answered in the FAQs or a simple google search will reveal the answer.

For example we do not respond to questions like the below for reasons stated in brackets:

  • Is Organization A, a law firm or a company? (A simple google search will reveal the answer-so please search yourself);
  • What is the name of the organization which is offering the internship?(Please read the job advert in detail as name and location of the internship offeror will be provided in the job advert itself).

Also we do not respond to emails like the below, for reasons stated in brackets:

  • When will I hear back on my application? (Please read the FAQs-we have already answered this question);
  • Please submit my curriculum vitae for any position (We cannot make the decision for you-you need to do this basic research yourself and put in some effort);
  • Emails that do not indicate clearly the place of application or the period during which you would like to intern (We expect you to mention such basic information yourself. Considering we receive over 60 applications over a week, we do not have the resources to do such basic follow-up with candidates where candidates have not volunteered such information readily);
  • When an applicant requests for on internship outside the listed options on the website (We con only secure internships that we have listed on our website);
  • If the email indicates that the applicant is a male (Internship Bank is only for women for reasons stated in “Our Vision” page of the; and
  • Please help me find a job (We only help with internship opportunities).