Why did I not receive a response to an email that I sent to a member of Internship Bank?

You will not hear from us, if your questions have already been answered in the FAQs or a simple google search will reveal the answer.

For example we do not respond to questions like the below for reasons stated in brackets:

  • Is Organization A, a law firm or a company? (A simple google search will reveal the answer-so please search yourself);
  • What is the name of the organization which is offering the internship?(Please read the job advert in detail as name and location of the internship offeror will be provided in the job advert itself).

Also we do not respond to emails like the below, for reasons stated in brackets:

  • When will I hear back on my application? (Please read the FAQs-we have already answered this question);
  • Please submit my curriculum vitae for any position (We cannot make the decision for you-you need to do this basic research yourself and put in some effort);
  • Emails that do not indicate clearly the place of application or the period during which you would like to intern (We expect you to mention such basic information yourself. Considering we receive over 60 applications over a week, we do not have the resources to do such basic follow-up with candidates where candidates have not volunteered such information readily);
  • When an applicant requests for on internship outside the listed options on the website (We con only secure internships that we have listed on our website);
  • If the email indicates that the applicant is a male (Internship Bank is only for women for reasons stated in “Our Vision” page of the www.internshipbank.org); and
  • Please help me find a job (We only help with internship opportunities).