Terms & Conditions- dummy

I give an undertaking that should I receive a confirmation post my application to an internship I will complete the  internship to the best of my ability and will not leave the internship half way through.

I understand that I will only receive a certificate for my internship if I complete the entire 4 week internship (or whatever duration of internship I have been offered to intern) and produce reasonably good quality work. The Internship Offeror reserves the right to terminate my internship at any point of time, should they feel that my performance is not up to the mark. In such a situation I will be debarred from using the platform of Internship Bank again.

Also, to make my internship as fruitful as possible, I undertake to watch the below videos prepared by Internship Bank.

First Video

Acing Remote Internships | Debolina Saha Narayanan – YouTube

Second Video

Securing & Acing Internships | Debolina Saha Narayanan – YouTube

I also understand that:

  1. Internship Bank being a curated site, a mere application to Internship Bank for a position would mean              my           ready-willingness to go ahead with the internship when such application is confirmed by the internship                           provider;
  • Internship Bank only respond to successful applications. Therefore if I do not hear from Internship Bank               within 3 (three) weeks from the date of my application, I will consider my application to have been        unsuccessful this time;
  • I am always encouraged to apply at a later date for a different position; and