Internship Bank Scholarship - Six New Shooting Stars!

NOVEMBER 14, 2021

We, at Internship Bank have always strived to find solutions to problems. In fact we pride ourselves on our problem solving skills! For example, we took a step towards helping students of lesser known colleges find internship opportunities and built an exclusive platform to achieve this goal. We then took steps to provide young female students with senior female mentors and role-models and ensured our interns were placed in safe working environments in teams headed by women!

This month, your Internship Bank has added another feather to its cap!

In the previous year, many of you let us know how unhappy and demotivating “unpaid” internships were becoming. We understood you and realised how even a small token stipend could go a long way in motivating all of you.

Consistent with our past practice, this time too we came up with a solution! May be a small solution but we hope this small step will be a big leap in the right direction.

In July 2021, we at Internship Bank started the Internship Bank Scholarship Program. In just 3 months we identified and disbursed scholarships of varying amounts ranging between 3,000 INR to 5,000 INR each, to 6 candidates! We plan to disburse scholarships to 34 more students (40 students in total) who sign-up and complete unpaid internships secured via Internship Bank and receive a good feedback from their internship provider!


Details of our 6 Internship Bank Scholars are as below and we are on the lookout for more!

1. Anjali Swami- a student of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, was placed with K&S Legal LLP.

2. Layba Yaseen- a student of Amity University, Lucknow was placed with Uncomplycate.

3. Anshita Khandelwal- a student of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies, was placed with Dave and Rizvi.

4. Sonal Okhade- a student of National Law University, Nagpur who was placed with CPC Legal in Hong Kong.

5. Jyotsna Jose- a student of Government Law College, Ernakulum was placed with K&S Legal LLP.

6. Madhulika Iyer- a student of Symbiosis Law School, Pune, was placed with K&S Legal LLP.

Hearty congratulations to all our Six New Shooting Stars. We hope this is the beginning of a Right Step in the Right Direction!